ALPACA TEDDY BEARS, the animal, the fiber, the benefits. free shipping worldwide

Alpaca teddy bears, find the answer here

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Alpaca teddy bears,
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Alpaca Teddy Bears?

About our Alpaca teddy Bears

Alpaca Teddy Bears Big Brown BrownieFree Shipping worldwide

Alpaca Teddy bears
The alpaca bear or alpaca teddy bears made by Incastreasures offer a high quality in the details , made with the best baby alpaca materials. Is the softest bear in the world. The perfect gift for any age. Let them enter your home as a new special friend. Our Alpaca Teddy Bears are beautiful, soft, come in natural colours ,scentless and really smooth at touch Handmade with the highest standards No two are ever the same.
Each one is handmade in Peru ,totally unique, the Alpaca Teddy BEARS are extra lovable and special collectibles because these guys have pretty faces, silky ears, the Suri Teddy Bears for example are know for the nice luster and slick feel.

Golden long hair of suri alpaca, Mechas

Very Important about Alpaca Teddy Bears:

The alpaca is not harm to share in their fur, natural pelts come from alpacas who have died from natural causes (very cold winter) and help sustain the alpaca farmer families with a product instead of a complete loss.

Alpaca Teddy Bears Care Instructions:

When dry cleaning:
We recommend you only dry clean once a year, if necessary. Remember to bring any or all labels which may have come with the garment. Clean multiple pieces at the same time so as to avoid any color discrepancies. Ask the dry cleaner to use fresh solvent in low heat and a process that does not involve tumbling of the garment. Only use an established dry cleaner that has dealt with alpaca fiber.

When hand washing:
Gently hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Never use bleach. When removing excess water press down, never wring or twist, as it will distort and/or wrinkle the garment. Dry flat. Block the garment by reshaping it to its original dimensions. Gently smooth by hand while wet to remove any wrinkles. Never use any brush. After the garment has dried, touch up with a warm iron as needed. To keep your stuffed animal fresh, give it a dry bath on occasion with baking soda. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the stuffed animal and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then simply brush it off.

Adorable Teddy Bear -TITO - Product id: TOYS08-38 Photo01

The basic tools for plush care are a hair brush and a damp cloth. An old terry washcloth is perfect for the damp cloth. Brushes with metal bristles, intended for pet care, can work very well on plush but can tear up the backing fabric if not used carefully. You want a brush with well-spaced stiff plastic bristles for most uses. A vacuum cleaner and a lint roller are additional options for dusting. For long fur, use the brush gently to separate snarls. Remember that any hair pulled out with the brush probably will not grow back, so brush gently. The brush will also lift out dust or debris buried in the fur. Give the surface another swipe with the damp cloth after brushing to remove anything the brush lifted. A lint roller can be used instead of a damp cloth. The lint roller works especially well on pet hair. In our house there are four cats and a dog as well as lots of plush, and plushes that are near cat walkways have to get lint-rolled fairly often.

Pay attention to the style of fur you're working with! Don't brush out a plush surface that is supposed to look felted, tangled or woolly. Stick to lint rollers or vacuums for such material.

A little faq:

What is Baby Alpaca?
Baby Alpaca is the most rare and finest classification of Alpaca fiber. Don't worry, it is simply a measure of fiber density, not fleece from baby alpacas.

Are the alpacas killed for their fleece?
Alpacas are the only livestock that are never slaughtered for their fleece. In fact, Alpacas are sheered on an annual basis.

How many colors does alpaca fleece come in?
There are 22 natural colors of alpaca fleece.

Why is Alpaca Fiber and Alpaca Clothing so Valuable?
One ounce of high quality alpaca fiber can sell for over $7.00 per ounce!
Alpaca Clothing is Superior to Wool: Superior in strength, warmth, softness Smooth fiber without lanolin removed the itchiness and allergic reactions
Naturally rain resistant Washable with lower tendency to shrink Resilient - your cherished alpaca garment can last for many years
Alpaca Fiber is Superior to Man-made Fibers: More comfortable in cold weather Warm even when wet
Better wicking of body moisture, superior breathability Resists odors, even in socks!

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