Alpaca,Alpaca wholesale,Volume pricing,Wholesale alpaca ,wholesale alpaca products ,wholesale sales

Alpaca,Alpaca wholesale,Volume pricing,Wholesale alpaca ,wholesale alpaca products ,wholesale sales

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wholesale alpaca, alpaca wholesa, and alpaca products at Incastreasures

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Wholesale alpaca products INCASTREASURES,
Alpaca wholesale products and many more

Wholesale Categories in General
Wholesale 950 silver Jewelry
Wholesale Alpaca Accessories :
Wholesale Alpaca blankets
Wholesale Alpaca gloves
Wholesale Alpaca Handbag
Wholesale Alpaca scarves
Wholesale Alpaca shawls
Wholesale Alpaca socks
Wholesale Alpaca Clothing :
Wholesale Alpaca Capes and Ponchos
Wholesale Alpaca Sweaters for Children New!
Wholesale Alpaca Sweaters for Men
Wholesale Alpaca Sweaters for Women
Wholesale Alpaca Sweatshirts and Jackets
Wholesale Alpaca Hats :
Wholesale Alpaca Hats
Wholesale Alpaca Hats for Children New!!
Wholesale Alpaca Fur Hats
Wholesale Alpaca Yarn
Wholesale Souvenirs and gifts New!!
Wholesale Baby Alpaca Fur Rugs :
Wholesale Baby Alpaca Geometric Rugs
Wholesale Baby Alpaca Round Shape Rugs
Wholesale Baby Alpaca Fur Accessories
Wholesale Alpaca Fur Cushion Covers New!!
Wholesale Alpaca Fur Pillows
Wholesale Alpaca Fur Slippers
Wholesale Alpaca Fur Hats
Wholesale Alpaca Fur Leg Warmers
Wholesale Toys and Games :
Wholesale Finger Puppets
Wholesale Alpaca Teddy Bears
Wholesale Alpaca Stuffed Animals
Wholesale Andean Dolls
Wholesale Handmade Wooden Chess sets
Wholesale Andean Leather :
Wholesale Leather Wallets
Wholesale Pets and Dog Clothing :
Wholesale Dog Clothing
Wholesale Fabrics Exclusive:
Wholesale Bayeta Inka Fabric
Wholesale Shipibo Fabric (Peruvian Jungle)
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Incastreasures wholesale

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If you order USD$ 1800
or more you will receive:
3 baby alpaca Teddy Bears Tito, combined retail value of USD$134.97

If you request a discount on volume this Offer won't be valid.

Very Important: We are a very serious company , please take care of some companies that offer 100% baby alpaca in their catalogs and when you got the products what you receive are low quality alpaca blended.


Why Incastreasures?

- More than 10 years of experience online and 20 on stores.

- We've never change address or phones, always the same trustful people.

- Always with promotions and gift with your orders.

- We prefer a long business relationship not only a sell.

- More than 400 Wholesale Clients around the world.


Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale Alpaca products and all our other products. If you are interested  to acquire alpaca wholesale products for your existing store ,on your farm or ranch , please send us an email and include your address and contact information. No special licensees are need to receive wholesale prices. We invite you to visit every area of wholesale products  that allows you to begin selling the finest quality alpaca merchandise and have all your needs addressed. You will see how your business grow very fast with our products, we will work with you to be sure that you succeed. We can help you place your order based on our best sellers, in case you are not sure what to order.We can manage volume pricing too.

How do you fill your order:

* Just send us an email with the codes and quantities that you want, we will offer several shipping and payment options to help you decide.

Don't forget to let us know which payment option do you prefer. We accept, All Credit cards ,Paypal, Western Union,  and Wire Transfers.

Products areas,

If you want to obtain our last wholesale catalog with prices, CLICK HERE.

Wholesale Categories, view all the products - click here
Wholesale Alpaca Accessories :
Alpaca Blankets
Alpaca gloves
Alpaca Handbag
Alpaca scarves
Alpaca shawls
Alpaca socks
Wholesale Alpaca Clothing :
Alpaca Capes and Ponchos
Alpaca Coats
Alpaca Ruanas
Alpaca Sets
Alpaca Skirts
Alpaca Wool Wrap
Wholesale Alpaca Hats :
Alpaca Hats
Alpaca Chullo Hats
Alpaca Hair Accessories
Wholesale Alpaca Sweaters :
Alpaca Handmade Sweaters
Alpaca Rustic Swetears
Alpaca Sweaters
Wholesale Andean Clothing :
Bags and Backpacks
Hair Accessories
Wholesale Andean Leather :
Wholesale Baby Alpaca Fur Accessories :
Alpaca Fur Slippers
Alpaca fur stole
Alpaca fur scarf
Alpaca Cushion Cover
Wholesale Baby Alpaca Rugs :
Baby Alpaca Geometric rugs
Baby Alpaca Animals designs Rugs
Baby Alpaca Round Shape Rugs
Baby Alpaca Suri Rugs
Wholesale Andean Jewelry //Ethnic Jewelry :
Cell Phone Accessories
Earrings, Pendants
Wholesale in other products like:
Wholesale Baby Carriers
Wholesale Dogs and Pet Clothing
Wholesale Electronic Cases
Wholesale Handmade Handbags
Wholesale Home Decor
Wholesale Musical Instruments
Wholesale Paintings
Wholesale Pima Cotton Clothing
Wholesale T-Shirts
Wholesale Wall Hangings and Tapestries
Wholesale Toys and Games :
Alpaca Teddy Bears
Finger Puppets
Stuffed Animals
Other Games
Handmade Wooden Chees Sets
Wholesale Pets and Dog Clothing:
Dog Clothing
Wholesale 950 Silver Jewelry
Wholesale Silver Bracelets
Wholesale Silver Rings

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Contact Us:

Click above to send us an email

Click above to send us an email

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Wholesale Catalog:

We have a very detailed catalog of all our wholesale products containing over 1000 products items , handmade, wood and all our areas products fashions, clothing, jackets and accessories as well as our pricelist and color chart. We will provide you with the minimum purchase requirements needed for wholesale accounts, along with other pertinent information that you will find very useful.

Whether you chose from our wholesale catalog, we assure you only the finest quality merchandise assures you of pure alpaca products. We also carry a small assortment of blended products however all items are clearly marked. You have our commitment that you will get what you pay for, top quality styles, and top quality alpaca fiber by a company you can trust, you can cover all your clients needs for gifts, fashion, souvenirs. We have many years of experience selling all over the world all the year.  

If you want to obtain our last wholesale catalog with prices, CLICK HERE.


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Incastreasures - Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Minimum Order:

Minimum order of USD$300 .
So you can easily get your first wholesale order to test our quality and your market
Orders of less than USD$300 are accepted from regular customers.


Method of payment:

We have 2 payment options:

1.Payment by bank transfer (wire transfer)  in any amounts.
We recommend wire transfer is faster and also we can offer special conditions.

The payment is faster , you will have to go to your bank where you have your account and request a wire transfer payment, with all the bank information that we will give you can prepare the payment, is fast and easy. As soon as we receive payment we will let you know by email. Also your bank will be informed.

2.Payment By credit card and Paypal only for less of USD $ 2000
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and all the major credit cards.
If you prefer you can pay directly from your computer, we will prepare a payment link to you by email. Is the preferred option for the first time wholesalers. You will receive your order number and the confirmation

Shipping charges for WHOLESALE orders would be calculated based on weight and size of the order according to Air Cargo rates.

Quotation of price:
F.O.B. Callao, in US Dollar.
C.I.F by request, we can offer several ways of shipping according to your business needs.

Transport and insurance will be paid by customers.

Terms of delivery:
According to negotiation and the productive capacity.
As soon as the products are ready and all the documentation cleared this are the estimate time to arrive at:

Delivery time and terms of incastreasures

All the orders sent by AIR CARGO are shipped with all documentation required according to your country, such as Textile Visa, Certificate of Origin, AIR WAY BILL, packing list and invoice. (Depending and what your country requested)

Mode and way of transport:

According to the requirement of the customer.
By sea for big quantities is recommended (more than 500 kilograms).
Air freight for goods from 0 to 500 kilograms split in several boxes in some cases.
Mail or Courier for samples or urgent deliveries.

Does charge Tax and Customs duties?

Incastreasures is located in Lima, Peru and we don't add taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges to the price of your order. There is no sale tax or customs duties imposed by Peruvian government. Customers do not have to pay any sale tax when shopping from our website

It's important to know that in some cases customs might require import duties on delivery. Recipients are responsible for any additional charges for customs clearance. doesn't provide the service of arranging customs clearance and paying duties, fees and other charges to the customs and other public authorities. As we have no control over the imposition of these customs or import duties and cannot predict if any duties there will be. If the package is detained by your country’s customs office when the item arrives in, customers are responsible for import duties, tariffs and taxes.

Although the possibility of the packages being detained by customs is almost Zero, we strongly suggest that you’d better know your import policy before shopping from us. It is customers’ business to handle the customs duties. And you are responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country. Incastreasures is not responsible for any charges about tax or customs duties.


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Drop Shipping

Wholesale/Drop-Shipping Program


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Return Policies


If you don’t like the product we can’t exchange it ,is not in our policy. However we can allow refund or exchange in the unlikely event you receive your goods broken, or in torn condition, please complete the returns procedure stating exactly what the fault is, also attach us in an email a picture from the same day the product is received.

We won’t be responsable nor refund or Exchange the products if your national postal service damaged the package. Please also inform us if you want a refund or replacement and we will contact you , if you wish you can send it back (we won’t provide return postage fees) and we will send you the product that you order by Regular Air Mail. DON’T FORGET TO send it back to us unused and with original packaging within 30 days. No refunds will be available after the 30-day period (since you received your order) has expired.

Refunds will not be available if the returned products have been damaged or altered in any way before arriving to Incastreasures office, where the package must be sent.

No refunds or returns on custom orders.

All requests will be processed after our returns department inspects and verifies the condition of the item. Returns take approximately five business days to process upon receipt of the item


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Our Privacy Policy

INCAS TREASURES strongly respects your privacy. INCASTREASURES we will NEVER rent or sell your personal information to any third party. The information collected and stored by INCAS TREASURES includes your name, address, telephone number, and email address. While your credit card information is collected at the time of purchase by none are stored on INCAS TREASURES's server. Credit card information is sent directly to Verisign's and McAffe hacksers freesecure server, where it is safely held. Because INCAS TREASURES collects personal information through a secure server that features the latest encryption technology, you can be assured that none of your information will be viewed by anyone outside of INCAS TREASURES. Furthermore, all shipping labels are pre-printed at INCAS TREASURES's office, so none of your personal information is held or stored by any of the shipping companies that are used to deliver INCAS TREASURES's orders.

The information you provide to INCAS TREASURES will only be used to process your order. Unless there is a problem with your order or you have opted to receive the INCAS TREASURES Newsletter by email, you will not be contacted by INCAS TREASURES. If you do agree to receive the INCAS TREASURES Newsletter  but later change your mind, you can request to be removed from our list by simply emailing us at sales. You may also update or change the personal information INCAS TREASURES has collected by sending an email to sales. Should there be any changes to INCAS TREASURES's Privacy Guarantee, all affected users will immediately be notified by email and all relevant changes will be posted in our site.

While you are shopping, INCAS TREASURES uses cookies to keep track of the items that you have placed in your shopping cart. Cookies are bits of information that allow INCAS TREASURES's server to associate you with the specific products that you have added to your shopping cart. We recommend that you turn your cookies on while shopping at INCAS TREASURES, as this will allow for a much more enjoyable and worry-free shopping experience.


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