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Handmade Collection handbag CHASQUI QUILLA

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Handmade Collection handbag CHASQUI QUILLA

Handmade Collection handbag CHASQUI quilla - Product id: HANDBAGS09-66

Price: USD $29.99
You Save: $15.01
Product id: HANDBAGS09-66
Sheep Wool
Free Shipping worldwide
Free Shipping Worldwide
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Product Overview

This is a very special handmade purse of high quality at low price, and the best is free shipping .You can start collecting the Incastreasures Handmade Handbags. As part of our policy we will add a free gift with your handmade handbag. The most original gift , by fair trade artisans, no animals were harmed to make this Handmade Handbag.

Mama Quilla, in Inca mythology and religion, was the third power and goddess of the moon. She was the sister and wife of Inti, daughter of Viracocha and mother of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, mythical founders of the Inca empire and culture. She was the goddess of marriage and the menstrual cycle, and considered a protector of women. She was also important for the Inca calendar. Myths surrounding Mama Quilla include that she cried tears of silver and that lunar eclipses were caused when she was being attacked by an animal. She was envisaged in the form of a beautiful woman and her temples were served by dedicated priestesses.

The Chasquis (also Chaskis) were agile and highly-trained runners that delivered messages, royal delicacies and other objects throughout the Inca Empire, principally in the service of the Sapa Inca.
Chasquis were dispatched along thousands of miles, taking advantage of the vast Inca system of purpose-built roads and rope bridges in the Andes of Peru and Ecuador. On the coast of what is now Peru their route ran from Nazca to Tumbes. Chasqui routes also extended into further reaches of the empire into parts of what are now Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

Each chasqui carried a pututu (a trumpet made of a conch shell), a quipu in which information was stored, and a qipi on his back to hold objects to be delivered. Chasquis worked using a relay system which allowed them to convey messages over very long distances within a short period of time. Tambos, or relay stations, were constructed at key points along the road system, often consisting of a small shelter with food and water. Chasquis would start at one tambo and run to the next tambo where a rested chasqui was waiting to carry the message to the next tambo.


Benefits and Features


- No animal was ever harmed to make these items.
- Each one is totally unique, many are totally handmade.
- Made by Fair Trade Artisans
- Durable enough to be used a long time.

- Collect them all.

Product Information Details

Size approx : Weight approx: Material:
5.5 x 7.1 inches / belt 27.6 0.22 lbs Sheep Wool

14 x 18 cm / belt 70 cm

0.100 Kg  
Manufacture Made in: Ships from:
Handmade Peru Incastreasures office - Lima, Peru
Production time: Delivery time: Washing Instructions
4 days approx. 8 days approx Products Information
No Hidden costs    

For USD $29.99 you will get:

Handmade Collection handbag CHASQUI quilla
Handmade Collection handbag CHASQUI QUILLA

Free Shipping worldwide
Free Shipping Worldwide

Free gift with every order
Free Gift with every order